The building

Clearly, the Twistscraper® is a monumental piece of art, contrary to most of the existing high-rise buildings of the present. There is no question about the great impact it will have on the skyline of a city, its residents and the general population.

The main advantages of the Twistscraper are:

Strong shock waves from any direction like those from earth quakes, are effectively absorbed due to the hidden circular column reaching from the bottom to the top at the center of the building and the expansion joints at every floor.

No special installation is necessary to handle the temperature differences between the sunny and shadowy side of the building, because all stories are individually and independentally attached to the circular column. The arising and unavoidable dilatation is absorbed by the implanted expansion joints.

The twisted, streamlined form of the building reduces the forces and moments acting on the structure caused by changing athmospheric conditions.

Rescueing people in case of a fire is simplified and accelerated due to the existence of inclined and overhanging facades.

The initial cost of the Twistscraper is estimated to be only slightly higher than that of a conventional skyscraper with similar dimensions.

The Twistscraper will establish itself as a "first address", hence providing a strong promotion effect to its residents.

A feasibility study for the Twistscraper conducted by a Swiss civil engineer specializing in statics of skyscrapers in the USA has shown positive results.

To obtain further information please consult the address given on the page labeled "Contact".

Go for the level-construction...

Plan 01

Plan 02


Twistscraper ® (patent pending) is a Trademark of Daniel Stocker-Development, Switzerland.