The Construction

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The core area

Supporting the heavy structure is the rigid circular column at the center of Twistscraper. This immense tube contains the emergency exit, conduits for the various power supplies and stock rooms.


The picture shows an example of three elevator shafts placed at 120° angles, hereby permitting easy access to any point in the building.

Supply and service conduits

The central, circular tube accommodates the many necessary conduits furnishing electricity, heat, water and computer links.


The rectangular cross section of Twistscraper allows a multitude of room arrangements. As one example, in the pictured layout four large and two small rooms have been considered.

Stock area

Stocking should be done out of sight. The core area is ideal for this, as can be seen from the picture showing two spacious stock areas. Transfer of goods is done directly and easily by taking advantage of the close distance to the nearby elevators.





Twistscraper ® (patent pending) is a Trademark of Daniel Stocker-Development, Switzerland.